Information for Medical Professionals

This site contains information to guide the physician who cares for a patient with the primary ion channelopathy periodic paralysis, or who has a patient they suspect may have periodic paralysis. There are medically accurate, referenced articles on diagnostics, management, therapy plus informational material which may be printed and shared with patients. Periodic Paralysis can occur in many disorders. It is a challenge to separate primary from secondary causes, and to narrow the field from renal, autoimmune and adrenal disorders to a skeletal ion channelopathy.

As well as articles on specific topics from this website please visit the Physician's Reading Room: a library of journal articles on all the forms of periodic paralysis, all by experts in the field.

Thank you for visiting and we hope the information presented here is of help to you as you care for your patients. We welcome questions from physicians and therapists caring for patients with periodic paralysis. Please include your name, specialty, office address, telephone and FAX numbers, and hospital affiliation, if applicable.